My first adventure takes place in a town of Fairgrim, this is an imaginary town set in the forgotten realms setting. Fairgrim is a town known for its silver production it gets from its surrounding mountains. These mountains are known as the Silvermoors since it is surrounded by swamplands.

The silvermoors were once a place that were ran rampant by lizard tribes and duregar descendants, as well as a few large goblinoid tribes all fighting for the land. Untill people from north in the Vassan Gate area ruled now by King Gareth Dragonbane fled from the terrible Lich Zenghi, to tame the lands deamed less of a threat.

Fairgrim is *ruled by a mayor but the town is ran by three mining guilds. The top mining guild is ran by a shrewed halfling by the name of Torgleth Pennywillies. The second and third are ran by competing brothers. Humans by the name of Luke Kain and Eric Kain.

First campaign