First campaign

The begining

The PCS motivation for starting to adventure comes from the weak pay of their town militia status, so they all pitch in to start their own mercenary buisness, which consists of a Elf Ranger, Halfling warlord, dragonborn fighter, Eldryn Wizard, and a missing rogue. Looking for their first job they head to the local watering hole. Normally at this time of day you wouldnt see a lot of miners in the bar area since they would be off at work or at the mining town Sarleth. Upon questioning the barkeep and miners they learn of a miners strike going on because of saftey vs pay. The reason the strike goes to fruiiton is because the largest and most productive of Pennywillies mines has come under attack and none of the miners or the soilders Pennywillie has sent have been heard of for a good 4-5 days.

So the adventurers decide to pay ole Pennywillie a visit. After asking a few questions the Halfling lets them know that this mine take over by monsters isnt uncommon in these parts of the woods. What is uncommong is how his soilders he sent havnt returned. Not a big deal he says, was going to pay them when they returned. After some hard bargining (high rolling diplomacy on the part of the halfling) they get more gold than Pennywillie orginally offers to investigate the mine and get what ore is there out of the mine.


So the next day the party sets out on the 1.5 day trek to Sarleth. After the first day passes they make camp but a weary Halfling fails to spot a raiding party of 5 goblins. After some hard fighting they manage to kill the goblins and find a few weapons in bad shape. The next day as they approach the town of Sarleth they are met on the road by the last few miners leaving the town. The miners tell them that rumor has it the mines are overrun by nothing more than goblins so its odd the soilders havnt returned. They are headed to join in on the strike as only a few mines are open by the Kains and need to find work elsewhere.

After getting to town they stop at the inn to get something to eat and rest for the day, they head out the next day to the mine which takes a few hours to get to. Walking straight into the mine they fail to see goblins lurking in the cave entrance and are taken by suprise from in front by archers and behind by other goblins. After noticing the attack the warrior charges forward only to fall into a devious pittrap the goblin archers dug in front of them. After a while the goblins fall to the party.

Upon seeing two paths one made of dirt and the other with a Cart track on it the party sets out on the dirt path only to hit a landslide and barley escaping with their ranger still in tact. Following the Cart track they notice a juncture where the track can be useed in two of the three new openings. With a very well placed search of the room they notice another doorway blocked by small stones like a landslide. After some time moving the rocks they notice a injured but barley alive miner, which they bandage and give food and water to. He lets them know he was building a new mine shaft then the attack happend so he collapsed what he had built in hopes of living, he also tells them how he heard what sounded like human voices giving the goblines orders. The PCs take note of this and check out the next tunnels. The ranger scouts ahead and nocites a room where many miners and some well armored people lie in a pile of death. The next room he hears some clinking and finds some goblins mining as well as a larger gobling cracking the whip. The last room gives off a large amount of heat from the shadows he sees 3 more goblins standing around. He decides to attack the goblins and then retreats back to his party.

After dispatching the goblin riffraff the hear human laughter of how that was just fodder. The party moves forward tos ee 3 humans moving twoards them. A large fight ensues with the goblin with the staff and whip comming behind them after comming to check in. In the long fight the halfing falls unconcious barley able to finish the fight and get help. After the fight they find some gold on the goblins (more than any goblin should ever have), a wand that has a faint magical property which the wizard promtley takes. And bracers with a sword carved into the cuffs leading to more damage on an attack. They also find a note that reads:

Dear Thunderbellies

The mine is taken over and the first shipment is ready to go, start phase 2 of your plan.


The PC's then inspect the next room to find a locked door and a half finished forge, after fumbling the lock open they discover two chests full of a blue ore they have never seen as well as Pennywillies silver ore. They manage to get back to town right at night and head stright to the captain of the town watch. Capt Brimbristle dosnt belive their story of humans with goblins and sents scouts out to look at the bodies. The PCS mention nothing of the blue ore. THE dwarfs want their mountains back the pc's plead with the captain but he dismisses the notion of a clan of dwarfs driving from this place years ago.

After staying in the inn to go back to Fairgrim to report back to Pennywilliy they hear a loud knock on the door. Its Pennywilly! They explain what happened and ask him what this ore is. !! Pennywilly seams very excited and explains that Adamantine ore is very very hard to find in this part of the world, This ore would fetch a pretty price so he gives them a bonus to their reward and offers them another job to escort the wagon back to Fairgrim. However they cannont come to an agreement on the price So Pennywilly sets off with his bodyguards and the PC"s set off to see the captain. The captain has bad news his scouts found no signs of humans in the cave and dosnt appreciate this group of mercs lying to him on a very dire matter.


The pcs decide to head back to Fairgrim to research this Thunderbellie clan at the Fairgrim Library.


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